Authentic Eritrean / Ethiopian Cuisine Authentic Eritrean / Ethiopian Cuisine

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  • Muzita Bistro: Vegetarian “Fasting Food”

    November 8, 2013

    Real Food Traveler

    Abel Woldemichael is tired of having his restaurant confined to “ethnic cuisine.” Late on a Friday night, Muzita, an Ethiopian bistro in San Diego, has finally quieted down. The young proprietor, a CPA by day with chin-length dreadlocks, tells us about his passion for mainstreaming Ethiopian food. “When someone says, ‘Let’s go out,’ I want them to say, ‘Shall we have Italian, French, or Ethiopian?’”

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  • Play with your food at Muzita Abyssinian Bistro

    June 21, 2013

    San Diego CityBEAT


    worldfareforwebRolled injera, with delicacies to scoop 
    - Photo by Michael A. Gardiner
    My mother always told me not to play with my food. Of course, my mother is neither Ethiopian nor Eritrean, and there were no local restaurants featuring those cuisines during my childhood. If there had been, she probably would have played with the food herself. And so it was that we ended up, my mother and me, at Muzita Abyssinian Bistro  (4651 Park Blvd. in University Heights), an upscale Eritrean / Ethiopian restaurant in University Heights, to celebrate her birthday and play with our food.

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  • Ethiopia, San Diego, Part Four: Muzita

    June 3, 2013

    San Diego Reader

    A trip to University Heights' upscale Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant of note offers sharp contrasts with other restaurants featured in this tour.

    Muzita Abyssinian Bistro (4651 Park Boulevard, 619-546-7900) in University Heights isn’t an Ethiopian restaurant per se. It’s more Eritrean. Eritrea borders Ethiopia and the two countries share much in the way of culture and cuisine. For hundreds of years, the Abyssinian Empire comprised territory from both modern countries, hence the bistro’s name.

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  • Good Food and a New Experience

    August 7, 2012

    Trip Advisor

    My wife and I were in San Diego for a conference, and we always like to try find locally owned places to eat. We tried two new places this trip, and Muzita was worth the effort. 

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  • Unique Cuisine Style

    July 5, 2012

    Gastro Bits

    As many of my coworkers know that I write about food as a hobby, I often get a lot of encouragement or questions about the hobby. Based on some of the feedback I get, I've been able to improve the blog. One of the suggestions I received was to include some of my coworkers in the meals on occasion. However, that in itself presents some challenges as many coworkers are vegetarian, or perhaps not too adventurous in diet.
    One day, one my coworkers raved to me about a meal he enjoyed at Muzita; after looking at the restaurant's website, I thought there might be some nice potential in a restaurant where I could invite all my coworkers along., or perhaps not too adventurous in diet.

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  • Exploring the flavors of Ethiopian honey wine‎

    June 19, 2012

    San Diego CityBEAT

    If you thought you loved craft beer, just ask an Ethiopian about tej. A type of honey wine renowned for its spicy-sweetness and potency, the popular drink is as integral to Ethiopian culture as Stone IPA is to San Diego’s.

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  • At Muzita, the dining experience is easygoing, and the food easy to like.

    March 12, 2009

    U-T San Diego

    The gourmet ghetto along Park Boulevard – that international stretch of quality dining in the heart of University Heights – has a new prime-time date spot.

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Authentic Eritrean / Ethiopian Cuisine

4651 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92116 (619) 546-7900

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